Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Southern Sojourn: Part 5

This is, at last, the final installment of my Southern Sojourn blog series for my 5-day birthday vacation in Samal island with Kayzer. 
Back in Davao city from Samal island, Kayzer and I searched for a hotel with a pool as if we haven't had enough of the beach. We checked in at Apo View Hotel where we had the pool only to ourselves. It's probably because Davao is so close to Samal island and if people wanted to take a dip, I guess they'd rather take the boat or ferry to Samal than dive into a man-made pool in the city. 

At night, we had dinner at Jack's Ridge, overlooking Davao city's night lights, while a percussion band played lovely songs. Had my Durian birthday mousse cake then went home to our hotel room for some celebratory wine. 

Everything about this lovely day was Kayzer's birthday gift to me. Little did he know that he, alone, was the best birthday gift I've received this year. The package just came early. 
Early, but just in time. 
In other words, hold my hand 
In other words, baby, kiss me
In other words, please be true 
In other words, I love you
During this trip, I was able to coin a term for us, which is a shortened term for Fun Couple. We are the, wait for it, Fucouple!! LOL. No? Not funny enough? Okay.
My constant photographer and pick-me-upper. Thank you. :*
I still don't feel like I've aged another year. :)

Southern Sojourn: Part 4

Day 2 in Camudmud, Kaputian district, Samal... and it's my birthday!!
I woke up very early (and dragged a groggy Kayzer with me to the beach) to catch the high tide and take a dip, even when it was freeeezing cold! The waves were bigger and the winds were stronger due to the incoming typhoon but the water was definitely much clearer and greener that morning. It was worth the shivers!
During our stay in Davao, we were repeatedly offered to a tour to the famous tourist spots, or to try some adventure sports but all we really wanted was a week of no-rush relaxation, away from work and from the metro, mastering the art of doing nothing, without worrying what time it is or thinking about ANYTHING. I know it may sound like a waste of time to just lay around the beach all day for 5 days but for us, it was exactly what we needed. Besides, our life back in the metro is already an adventure as it is, with the daily buwis-buhay commute to work. :x
Late in the afternoon, we went around the town proper and had some Durian fruit and Durian ice cream, before boarding the ferry back to Davao city in time for my birthday dinner. :) 
We will definitely come back to try Talicud island next time.
Photos by Kayzer Llanda